A Strange Route to Scotland

Grahame has just phoned from the Isle of Mull; a quick call to say that it is raining heavily and a gale is expected so he won’t be sailing any further anytime soon, Oh, and he had to ring off because the toilets needed cleaning. So far so nautical but, at the other end of the country I seem to be making a bit of a mess of my plans to drive up to Peterhead and meet him at the end of his boaty adventures three weeks from now.

My segment was due to start with a few days helping Chris to complete some of his shell house research on the (dare I say it) rather more civilised Isle of Wight. I intended then to come home and continue working out the details of a drive to the Northernmost part of the British Isles with Hungarian Zoltan as my navigator. After driving to East Kent to get the Silver Lady serviced, of course. The itinerary was beginning to look like a positive masterpiece so it goes without saying that something had to go wrong.

The Southern Daily Echo referred to it as a “medical emergency on the Isle of Wight Ferry” but in fact it was two cups of scalding water in my lap, a few logistical complications (for other people, that is, my mind was on other things) and a five day stay in the Burns Unit of Salisbury Hospital. Thanks to the excellent first aid training of the staff on Red Funnel Ferries and a local doctor who happened to be travelling on the boat, I will make a full recovery but I now have three important tasks in hand:

1 To torture myself with the appropriate physiotherapy that will get my knee fully operational so I can drive to Scotland in two weeks time.

2 To wrestle with the necessary paperwork for an insurance claim so that Chris and I can repeat the Isle of Wight trip later in the year and

3 To join in any on-line campaigns that I can find to ban the use of those cardboard coffee cup holders.

So that’s where we stand. The Isle of Wight is on hold but The Isles of Orkney are still good to go.

1st July Postscript: Although I am getting the best of care I will be unable to make it to Scotland this time. Chris will be taking a trip to Margate to carry out some more Shell Grotto research, Zoltan has managed to get a last minute cheap flight to go home to see his Mum and Grahame is having a wonderful time getting cold and wet in the Outer Hebrides. In other words, I don’t have to feel guilty about any of them. I am spending lots of time with my grandchildren and Molly is helping me to walk a little further each day.

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  • Sandy says:

    From Loesje: Hello there ! Firstly….any news on Nicola ???? Gee….all the
    adventures (in the real sense of the word) that woman has had only to be
    brought down by English tea !!!!!!

  • Guy says:

    Hope you get better in time for Ethiopia! Get well soon.

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