Travel to Europe in the (not so) Festive Season

Life has been pretty depressing in the UK since we got back from India: Theresa May clings to a the precarious leadership of a fragmented ruling party while the country teeters towards a “no-deal Brexit”. Acrimony abounds and, while the “leavers” seem immune to any form of logical argument, the “remainers” persist in lecturing them as if they are a bunch of badly behaved children. Actually, “badly behaved children” is how the rest of the world is beginning to perceive the British and there is no doubt that a “having your cake and eating it” mentality is pervading the Brexit rationale.

I am not sure whether we will be better off for leaving the EU eventually but I am sure that I will not live to see it. Particularly upsetting is the number of people who believe that we should “crash out” or, in other words, just leave the EU on the 29th March 2019 with No Deal (aka Armageddon). There is talk of stockpiling medicines and deploying the military while some of the most hard-line ministers are clearly stoking up the fires of a “plucky little Britain” fantasy from the ashes of which they expect to rise, statesmanlike, and lead us to a New Jerusalem. F$%& that! The 3,500 troops they’ve allocated won’t even sort out the traffic jams on the M20 from Dover.

Gambling on the weather being benign enough to permit it, I booked two Continental trips for my grandchildren this Christmas holiday. A Eurostar train trip to the Festive markets of Brussels for one set of kids and a Car Ferry trip to Nausicaa in Boulogne for the others took a lot of planning and edge of the seat watching of the weather forecasts but was undoubtedly worth all the hassle. Grandma’s “Beat Brexit” strategy was pronounced such a success it got my mind wandering to the possibility of another train trip around Europe. After all, there’s plenty of time left until the 29th March 2019. it’s Next Year, after all.

{In the meantime, here is a soothing interlude of pictures from Nausicaa, one of the finest (if not the finest) Sea-life centres in the world}.

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