The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Peace Symposium

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I wasn’t particularly prompt in getting online and booking a place at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK National Peace Symposium as I had been invited to do when I took my granddaughters to visit a mosque last month. In fact, when I finally got around to it with only one week to go I found that I had left it too late and all the places had already been filled. Since I was due to stay over in London on the evening of the meeting anyway, I thought I’d take a chance and sent off a polite request for a last-minute cancellation ticket. I must admit that when I heard nothing I silently berated myself for my lackadaisical attitude to something that could have provided an opportunity to remove my brain from its cotton wool packaging and get involved in some serious current affairs.

It may be a bit of a truism to say that large, religious organisations have been suffering from something of a trust-deficit in recent times and that big organisations are only as good as the people who run them the but this is not the first time that the volunteer staff of the Baitul Futuh Mosque have gone out of their way to help an “unbeliever”. One of the harassed, overloaded organisers of a high profile conference for over a thousand invitees took the trouble to send me a personal message of invitation.  And this was done twenty minutes before the office closed on the very day before the meeting. I would have a place at the Peace Symposium after all.

(to be concluded)


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