Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

We have been camping, yes, CAMPING at a place called El Chalten on the edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, where towering rocky teeth rise up to separate the great Viedma Glacier from the lowlands which slope down towards the South Atlantic. The scenery is breathtaking but, of course, you have to put up with the usual array of sporting goods stores and hostels for all the Lonely Planeteers that have invaded this region in recent years.

Fortunately, most of them quickly head off for the more extreme challenges, leaving the gentler treks for those of us who would rather photograph the gorgeous selection of wild flowers, insects, waterfalls and the occasional distant condor. Even a leisurely 10 kilometre walk over this rough terrain rather took it out of me yesterday so Grahame has taken the ice trekking option on his own today while I will be taking a boat trip to view the mouth of the glacier. After I’ve finished my e-mails and my hot chocolate, that is.

Postscript: Pictures 58-78 show my trip on the lake and 79-99 Grahame’s. Since his trip both started and finished on the same lake we met up for the final transfer back to El Chalten where the Gaucho beans were pronounced one of the most successful communal meals of the trip.


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