001 sarajevo

Welcome to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

On the 29th April 1993 on a sunny afternoon, a forty-eight year old haulage contractor named Graham Bamford placed a handwritten notebook on the grass of Parliament Square and sat … Continue Reading →

002 croatia

The Croatian Corridor

I had always planned to undertake the next segment of my trip by bus, going along the Coast of Illyria and then turning inland again once I’d reached the next … Continue Reading →

001 montenegro


I left the hostel early and made my way through rain-slicked streets back down to the station, just managing to catch a glimpse of the huge Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, St … Continue Reading →

007 belgrade

Back to Belgrade (Serbia)

This morning I left the comfort of the “Get Inn” and pulled my little suitcase down to the railway station from which no trains run any more. It has morphed … Continue Reading →

006 skopje

Skopje, City of Surprises (Macedonia)

My first train ride of this trip, the 0718h from Athens to Thessaloniki passed without many views of the celebrated mountain scenery of Northern Greece and I found I could … Continue Reading →

003 Epidauros

Athens, ancient and modern

The Zeus hostel is pretty crumby but at least it is safe and relatively clean in the “female only” dormitory and not too much of a walk to the centre … Continue Reading →


Lesvos, Gateway to Europe

Yesterday I unexpectedly lost internet coverage at my lodging so I had to set out for my day’s exploration with the minimum of preparation. Carrying guide books and maps is … Continue Reading →

IMG_1620 (1000x1000)

The Straits of Mytilene

The picture shows an early morning view across the narrow straits which divide the Greek island of Lesbos from Turkey. I have arrived here at the beginning of a European Odyssey … Continue Reading →

IMG_1026 (1000x1000)

USA Today

I’m just back in Worcestershire from the United States and suffering from jet lag so please take that as an excuse for the slightly surreal description of my latest impressions … Continue Reading →


Looking for America

Greetings from Texas. Here I am after a twenty four hour journey that began at 4am (UK time) yesterday with a taste of the “Hell on the M5” that so … Continue Reading →