Norway Plus Plus

Pushing on North to Hamburg I spent a most enjoyable train ride in the company of a couple of German businessmen who were determined to make me see the opportunities … Continue Reading →

Get me to Germany as soon as Possible

Yesterday morning’s high speed train soon left Iberia behind for the remainder of this trip (sorry Portugal) and crossed into France, however, once we reached Perpignan it developed a fault … Continue Reading →

Catalonia – many returns

The evening train deposited me at Barcelona Sant at 2120h so I thought that, with my newfound confidence in the Google locator app, I’d be able to find my way … Continue Reading →

Surviving a trip to El Escorial (Madrid)

Once you get away from the broken bits, the problem with the Spanish railways is that they are much too efficient. High-speed trains criss-cross the country in a few hours … Continue Reading →

Cordoba, an Earthly Paradise

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to map out my destinations in El Andaluz for this trip, I simply don’t have enough time to do justice the region unless I … Continue Reading →

A Speeding Ticket from Cadiz

As the bus twisted off and on to the motorway for the stops along the way from Algeseras to Cadiz I noticed that the coastline on the Western side of … Continue Reading →

A Rock and a Hard Place (travels in Andalusia)

My God, these bus station seats are hard (even if substituting tangerine peel for toilet paper is surprisingly efficacious but that’s another story). Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’ve got myself … Continue Reading →

Nevertheless She Persisted (Interrail trip around Europe)

Here I am at Gatwick Airport; it’s seven in the morning and I’m about to fly out to Malaga in order to escape the insanity that is engulfing my country … Continue Reading →

Brexit and the Death of Reason

They call it “Optimism Bias” or, more technically, “Unrealistic Cognitive Bias” and it is the tendency for human beings to believe in a positive outcome for themselves and their relatives … Continue Reading →

Travel to Europe in the (not so) Festive Season

Life has been pretty depressing in the UK since we got back from India: Theresa May clings to a the precarious leadership of a fragmented ruling party while the country … Continue Reading →