Nausicaa, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

We interrupt this transmission ………………… half way through my Chinese odyssey I must break off to post a few pictures of yesterday’s little trip across the Channel to visit Nausicaa, the French National Aquarium, situated in the nearby seaside town of Boulogne.

The grandchildren seem to have had a great time and Victor, our marine life enthusiast, pronounced himself pleased with the lack of gimmicks and strong research and conservation message. The absence of live cetaceans (whales and dolphins) of any kind means that this particular Sea World is probably not for everyone but those specimens that it does have (including a pair of absurdly tame Aldabra giant tortoises) all appeared to be in excellent health.

And no, the lurid blue ice cream did not make a re-appearance on the return crossing.

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  • vic says:

    it was a lovely trip

  • nicola ainsworth says:

    Congratulations on managing to leave a comment. How did you do it? Neither Chris nor Sandy have managed to get past the spam filters. Every time they try they just go into some sort of impossibility loop. The web support people have stopped sending meaningless replies – they have stopped sending replies altogether!

  • Chris says:

    This new website is not fit for purpose.

    Impossible to add comments, headings missing for starters.

    Suggest you return to old system.

  • Nicola Ainsworth says:

    I wish I could.

    This site has been upgraded mainly for the convenience of the social networkers (see widgets). I’m just going to have to manage as best I can until Vic can build me my own site so we don’t have to remain at the whim of a set of remote web support personnel who aren’t interested in the minority of older people who might be trying to use it.

    After all, if you don’t use emoticons or text abbreviations you probably shouldn’t be allowed on-line at all!

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