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UPDATE 2020. Comments have had to be disabled due to spam. I’m a bit disappointed not to have attracted more trolls though, my views are obviously not as controversial or as important as I thought. 

Anyone leaving a comment is welcome to use a first names only, their initials or even a pseudonym but an e-mail address is always required. THE E-MAIL ADDRESS IS NOT PUBLISHED ON THE WEBSITE.

One of the main reasons for going through all the stress of setting up an new website was the hassle of managing comments on the old one. When it becomes necessary to negotiate Facebook or Twitter widgets or register as “a user” I know that I have probably exceeded my own technical capacity so why should I subject my friends to a similar level of frustration? There are only so many times I can ring up my son or daughter for help: actually, it probably comes out sounding more like “HELP!!!”.

This website is much more user-friendly than the old one and will accept comments with ease. So easy is it, in fact, that once your first one has been approved the next one might appear on screen without even waiting for approval. You have been %$£&# warned. The filters may have to be re-set once the site has been up and running for a while but I’ll just have to ask my web support team for advice if I get too much spam.

I am always delighted to get comments although it must be admitted that I have yet to receive my first: “U r an ignrt heethan, may the Lord strik u down, u shud just dye”. Perhaps I’ve been browsing the wrong type of websites but I’m pretty sure that all my friends know how to spell “heathen”. I do retain editorial control, although the most I am likely to do is amend a typo or move an individual picture comment to the main post so that it shows up more readily.


  • ET says:

    Is it possible for us readers to see other people’s comments? ET

  • anonymous says:


  • William King says:

    Dear Nicola,

    Thank you very much for the boat. It is now sitting on my office window ledge. I like to photo of you on the Red Funnel entitled ‘cold drinks only this time’!

    You do seem a traveller! I once travelled round central Amercica (Mexico,Guatemala, Belize and Honduras) with Chums. It was great. The scuba diving and Mayan ruins were amazing (especially Tikal).

    Best wishes from the Isle of Wight


  • nicola ainsworth says:

    Dear Dr William,

    Thanks for getting in touch and thanks again for taking care of me last June, as you can see I am doing fine now. This winter I will be exploring the bottom bit of Latin America with a visit to the Chilean lakes and fiords and Argentinian Patagonia. Bookmark this site for December 16th!



  • Trish says:

    Hi Nicola!
    Hope you get this
    Best wishes

  • Akshit Gadhia says:

    Hi aunt Nicola

    Love to read your blog and also happy to see you travelling i hope you remember me and also i wish you come again junagadh. I pray to god that you see whole world before you die and yes keep smiling and miss you

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