Kitty pictures for Rosie

Here is a gallery of pictures illustrating the triple obsession of the Santagista: Politics, Food and Death. They have been assembled over the last 24 hours but unfortunately there has not been time to caption them (I hope to be able to do so in due course, in the meantime why not simply count the cats).

Last night we found our way to one of the only restaurants that was open and it turned out to be the ultra-chic Cronica Digital, an “espacio un lungar donde las musica y la poesia se expresan libres” (music, poetry, freedom etc) with lots of chiaroscuro pictures of dead revolutionaries and a clientèle much too young to remember the repression that such sentiments once engendered. Then today, before meeting the rest of the Dragoman voyagers, we took a walking tour of the city with an enthusiastic guide. Well, I say the city but in fact it was only a selection: we took in some of the justly famous food markets and then visited the quite extraordinary city cemetery. Since the alternative tour would have involved the down-town civic sights: monuments, ministries and museums (outside only, no time to go inside you understand) I think that we made excellent use of the time available

Back at the hostel we had a briefing about the trip, were told the TRUCK rules (we must not use the “b” word) and met our tour companions. The first impression seems to be that we are travelling with an international group composed mainly of fitness instructors and travel writers. Of course, I could be mistaken but the “shorts count” was 16 out of 20 and the legs on display were all suitably athletic. Just how I will fare in this company remains to be seen but now I have to get to sleep for a 5.45am start. As Gandalf would say: expect me when you see me.

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