Independence for Scotland

On course I can’t resist throwing in my own two pennyworth on the forthcoming Scottish independence elections, although it cannot be stated that “you read it here first” as just about everyone in the British Isles has had their say already. Frankly, I think that a “yes” vote for Scotland is extremely unlikely. That isn’t just because almost everyone I spoke to while I was there was firmly in the “against” camp {probably because many of them were in the service industries and depended on us Sassenachs for a living} but because the majority of people in either country are simply not taking it seriously enough.

I’m sorry to be contemptuous of what may appear to outsiders as an oppressed people’s desperate quest for their freedom but there are such fundamental flaws in the policies of the Independence (aka Salmond) party that few people have any idea how they would make such a break-away country work in practice. Not that that has stopped rebels in many other countries, I know. But the UK is different: things just aren’t that bad for a start. While far too much money has been expended in the exercise, no blood has been shed over Scotland’s current bid for independence and we can be reasonably sure that no-one has any inclination to do so. Now or in the future.

After all, no-one in England, Wales or Northern Ireland is being given the opportunity to vote on the matter, a fundamental injustice that would surely loom larger if anyone in Westminster was really concerned. One can only hope that the thorough, if not tedious, airing of the issues that we have heard over the last twelve months brings about a serious examination of all the inequalities between the regions, so that everyone in the UK, from the Shetlands to the Scillies, can start building a more equitable society.

Scottishness is an extremely complex condition, one defined by a whole host of imprecise factors,  such as: ancestry (real or imaginary), ownership of a castle, choice of educational establishment, love of the wild outdoors, questionable poetry or simply the amount of good whiskey recently imbibed. Too many Scottish bums have sat upon the English throne for us to ever be able to untangle ourselves again and too many of us, myself included, have an inextricably intermingled heritage anyway.

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