Gallery of European trips 2017

Relaxing by the fire and sorting my 2017 European pictures into a gallery, I reflect that the year hasn’t finished off quite as well as it started with the Far Right now in power in Austria and Angela Merkel’s hold on German democracy increasingly fragile. The Spanish Government seems to have forgotten everything it learned in the twentieth century about the inadvisability of heavy handedness in Catalonia and our own Prime Minister has entered into an unholy alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party.

As if the sporadic insane outbursts of Islamist violence peppering Western Europe are not enough we in the UK now risk disinterring the Hard Men of the “Irish Troubles” and setting them back on their murderous path. I remember those days all too well from my London Police career and find it terribly difficult to accept that today’s politicians are pretending not to. And, on the subject of my boring old police reminiscences, I took a detour last week after a Covent Garden re-union and visited Grenfell Tower. Sweet Jesus! Beirut comes to London: I never thought to see such a horrific sight so close to home. If people ever wonder why the BBC may have become more Left-leaning of late then just look at the view they get when they alight from White City station every day to go to work.

Well, here is a gallery of pictures representing my European travels, for better or worse. Some of it is funny, some of it beautiful and other parts heartrending but I’ve tried my best to be honest about my experiences.

  • Kees will never let me forget it if I leave out the Netherlands but I’m not re-numbering so they’ll have to come at the end
  • The mixed race family in Copenhagen must forgive me for including their picture. It is not an uncommon sight to see there and no-one seems to notice (or care).


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