First pictures from Antarctica

Here is my first gallery of pictures. I was able to begin work on them while crossing the Drake Passage despite some respectable weather. It turned out that, contrary to all warnings, the only thing that had me feeling slightly queasy during the whole trip was overindulgence in a special celebratory chocolate buffet.

These pictures are a selection from my “Natural World” collection: that means that they are short on snaps of grinning idiots in yellow parkas, not that they are up to National Geographic standard, you understand. The code numbers at the end of the captions indicate the day (a=am, p=pm) so they can be matched to the itinerary when I’ve properly sorted my notes.

There are rather a lot of penguins, I’m afraid, but hopefully the next gallery will focus more on cetaceans. Oh all right,  maybe I’ll join the grinning idiots for the one after that. It’s pretty difficult not to smile your head off when seeing sights like these.


  • ET says:

    How wonderful that you could go! After I have checked off all the UNESCO sites I still have on my bucket list I want to go, too. Will I live long enough? 🙂 ET

  • Nicola says:

    Thanks Elisabeth, it feels like quite an achievement but I have to try to put it into some sort of perspective because I do not want it to eclipse my other travel destinations, many of which I consider to have much more personal resonance. It’s difficult to find the words but I think I will hold Patagonia closer to my heart in the coming years. Certainly, I am more likely to want to return. Let me finish the write ups and then maybe we will see what I am trying to say.

    AND where are you off to next, it’s your turn to do some blogging while I settle back at home for a while!

    best, N

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