Country drive, Texas style

Here is an amazing sequence of photographs from today’s country drive. I’ve hurried to sort them into a narrative gallery and I’m going to enjoy using the new slide show facility to remind myself that it all really happened.

For the flying aficionados out there I’d better include a few specifications. The glider was a Grob Twin Astir, the wind speed about 15-20 knots and we did not much exceed our towed altitude of 2,200 feet above the airfield. Visibility at 10 miles was rather poor due to the effects of crop burning in Mexico but that wasn’t really why I was up there. I was better able to enjoy this surprise experience, arranged via the retired engineer “favour bank”, because of my pre-take-off decision not to accept the offer of a turn at the controls.

Distant but uncomfortable memories of driving lessons long past warned me to relax and leave the fiddly bits to someone else but later I was ladylike enough to tell Vince, the instructor, that our landing was actually softer than many I have experienced in commercial airliners. I explained that I was just up there to feel something of what the birds feel as they circle upon the air currents and that I was rather keen on flying hawks in the English countryside. Falconry is not much practised in the US these days despite the fact that the most popular hunting bird in the UK is the Harris hawk which comes from this very part of the American South West. When I was told that local hawks sometimes share a thermal with the human gliders the word envy does not even begin to describe how I felt.

If you can imagine the appropriate Southern drawl, a radio message from our flight told the guys back at the airfield: “passenger requests that you take the cowboy beans out of the truck and put them in the refrigerator”. I expect they’ll be jawing about that for some time to come but it was a very hot day and my host really appreciated the irony of an Englishwoman coming to Texas to cook up such an unlikely speciality.

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  • bea says:

    That is the biggest grin I’ve seen in ages. it looks like you enjoyed it. and the flowers look wonderful.

    Love Bea X

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