It would take too long to explain why I’ve never visited Pompeii before and, anyway, it would just be a load of old excuses because, for someone with my Italian … Continue Reading →

Naples pays her debts

The last time I came to Naples was on my previous Interrail trip, in other words, nearly thirty nine years ago. I remember that visit being a bit of a … Continue Reading →

Crossing the Peloponnese

 It was just as well I had 1600h incorrectly fixed in my mind as my sailing time to Italy because it turned out that the bus to the port of … Continue Reading →


The first hint that something might have gone awry was when the attendant on my flight to Athens began handing out candles to the passengers. She explained that it was … Continue Reading →

Costa Cruise Company

Mum and I were very saddened by the dreadful accident which befell the Costa Concordia cruise ship last Friday. Certainly, our own experiences of 2009 suggest that something like this … Continue Reading →

Mediterranean Cruise, October 2010

For our third and probably final Costa cruise my mother selected a less punishing itinerary: just a little taster of Italy, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Libya. The company certainly … Continue Reading →

Greek Cruise, October 2009

Now, this was one of those trips where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong – and more! Usually I am a “make the best of it” type … Continue Reading →

Mediterranean Cruise, March 2008

Sometimes the best way to describe a trip is to go back into the archives and see if there is something there that was written at the time. Clearly, I … Continue Reading →

Turkey, November 2007

In November of 2007 I took my first trip to Turkey and was extremely taken with the people, the culture, the scenery and the food. As it was also my … Continue Reading →

Lebanon 2010

My visit to Lebanon was something of an afterthought: a few days added on to an organised tour of the Middle East in an attempt to round out the itinerary … Continue Reading →