119 Alexander


It would take too long to explain why I’ve never visited Pompeii before and, anyway, it would just be a load of old excuses because, for someone with my Italian … Continue Reading →

10 morning view from balcony

Naples pays her debts

The last time I came to Naples was on my previous Interrail trip, in other words, nearly thirty nine years ago. I remember that visit being a bit of a … Continue Reading →

16 Euro truck art

Crossing the Peloponnese

 It was just as well I had 1600h incorrectly fixed in my mind as my sailing time to Italy because it turned out that the bus to the port of … Continue Reading →

095 Roma


The first hint that something might have gone awry was when the attendant on my flight to Athens began handing out candles to the passengers. She explained that it was … Continue Reading →

6 Blue and yellow

Costa Cruise Company

Mum and I were very saddened by the dreadful accident which befell the Costa Concordia cruise ship last Friday. Certainly, our own experiences of 2009 suggest that something like this … Continue Reading →

065 The arch of Septimius Severus (1000x1000)

Mediterranean Cruise, October 2010

For our third and probably final Costa cruise my mother selected a less punishing itinerary: just a little taster of Italy, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Libya. The company certainly … Continue Reading →

117 Mum resting on Delos

Greek Cruise, October 2009

Now, this was one of those trips where everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong – and more! Usually I am a “make the best of it” type … Continue Reading →


Mediterranean Cruise, March 2008

Sometimes the best way to describe a trip is to go back into the archives and see if there is something there that was written at the time. Clearly, I … Continue Reading →

146 Dont ask

Turkey, November 2007

In November of 2007 I took my first trip to Turkey and was extremely taken with the people, the culture, the scenery and the food. As it was also my … Continue Reading →

125 favorite cedar (1000x999)

Lebanon 2010

My visit to Lebanon was something of an afterthought: a few days added on to an organised tour of the Middle East in an attempt to round out the itinerary … Continue Reading →