Yes, that’s me! Yes, I am petting a live Komodo Dragon! No, I am not in any danger. It’s a long story so give me a bit of a rest … Continue Reading →


Yesterday Jamal arrived astride the Mad Buffalo at 4.30am and took us to join the rest of the eager punters awaiting the special sunrise visit to Borobudur. After paying a … Continue Reading →

Super Bloody Beautiful Culture

Yesterday morning we sought to gain some extra points for scholarship by visiting the Sonobudoyo Cultural Museum which is known for its fine collection of furniture, ceramics, musical instruments and … Continue Reading →

Greetings from Indonesia

This time I can’t just blame Elisabeth! Two years ago when we met an Indonesian family in North Korea we agreed that a trip to the archipelago was definitely on … Continue Reading →

The Straits of Malacca (Malaysia visit 2009)

During our Singapore visit, Sunil the inveterate organiser, planned a little side trip to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca for Kundan and myself and then even suggested that we take Aunty … Continue Reading →

Cambodia, February 2009

Cambodia is on most people’s list of “must see” destinations these days but the temple complex of Angkor Wat has continued to exert a fascination for me ever since I … Continue Reading →

Singapore, February 2009

Singapore is a “fine city”, at least that is what the residents say when they hear of yet another type of transgression for which finacial penalties can be incurred. All this revenue … Continue Reading →

Laos, February 2009

Yes, the introductory picture is indeed a festive tree adorned with pieces of military hardware and shrapnel. For Laos still holds the unenviable record of being the most bombed country … Continue Reading →