India beyond the Chicken Neck

After a 36 hour stopover in Delhi, Grahame and I have arrived in Guwahati, The Capital of Assam and starting point for most explorations of the North East. This region … Continue Reading →

Kathmandu in the Rain

We arrived back in Kathmandu last night without further mishap and the first order of business (after checking for mail from home and that the rest of the world had … Continue Reading →

Lots more temples and a few elephants

We have just got back to Kathmandu in order to start the next stage of our journey, up over the mountains into Tibet where we will begin with a period … Continue Reading →

Annapurna blessing

One of the first thing to get one’s head around here is that, at over 80%, the population of Nepal is more Hindu than that of Hindustan (India). Moreover, the … Continue Reading →

Safe Arrival in Kathmandu (Gods be Praised)

I had forgotten what my friend Chris had said about this being one of the most challenging airports in the world until a couple of seconds before we landed when … Continue Reading →

Ratnagiri, Kingdom of the Mango

Before leaving Pune we had a wonderfully impromptu send-off from a couple of local piped bands. Flushed with their successes in the recent All India Police Band contest and resplendent … Continue Reading →

Maharashtra, Land of the Storyteller

We arrived in Pune by the early morning train and settled in to a simple but comfortable hotel in the city centre for a few days. For me this is … Continue Reading →

Bijapur, City of Victory

By the time we reached Bijapur (now being called by its earlier name of Vijayapura), last destination on the Karnataka route, I had completely forgotten why it was so important … Continue Reading →

Karnataka, Voyage of Discovery II

The state of Karnataka only came into existence after Independence. Before that the land of the Kannada speakers fell under the sway of one pan-Deccan Empire or another as fortunes … Continue Reading →

Karnataka, Voyage of Discovery

Our journey up the spine of the Deccan state of Karnataka from Mysore to Bijapur turned into something of a thrill ride backwards and forwards through its history as we … Continue Reading →