A Series of Unfortunate Crossings (Ireland & Northern Ireland)

Post in preparation. (a short trip to Dublin & the Antrim Coast and a few strange adventures along the way)

Gallery of European trips 2017

Relaxing by the fire and sorting my 2017 European pictures into a gallery, I reflect that the year hasn’t finished off quite as well as it started with the Far … Continue Reading →

In Flanders Fields

Somehow, between my two trips into the Himalayas, I allowed myself to be co-opted as chauffeur for a four day trip to into Flanders. I well remembered the hospitality of … Continue Reading →

Helsingor and the Empire of the North

Probably the last thing Grahame wanted at the end of his arduous sailing trip across the North Sea and through the fjords of Northern Jutland was to extend his a … Continue Reading →

Into the Carpathian Mountains

We are back in Nyiregyhaza (Eastern Hungary) after our trip over the roof of Romania almost (but not quite) as far as Moldova. It has been wonderful to have Grahame … Continue Reading →

Maramures, Land of Fairytale (Romania)

Crossing the border from Hungary into Romania is a salutary experience these days for a couple of Brits. The officer at the checkpoint took a long look at our passports … Continue Reading →

The Storks return to Tokaj (Eastern Hungary)

I found my way to Budapest airport for my meeting with Grahame without any difficulties and even had time to stock up on picnic food for our four hour road … Continue Reading →

Late train to Budapest

The 1626h fast train to from Bratislava to Budapest was the last of my Interrail journeys on this trip as my ticket expired at midnight on Tuesday. There were a … Continue Reading →