Independence for Scotland

On course I can’t resist throwing in my own two pennyworth on the forthcoming Scottish independence elections, although it cannot be stated that “you read it here first” as just … Continue Reading →

Secrets of the Black Isle

As we set off to leave Orkney the skies clouded over and a light rain set in for the day as if to signal that a brief idyll was over … Continue Reading →


Yesterday morning we left Loch Ness promptly. Considering that I had to cope with Zoltan finishing off a full English breakfast and Molly having her photo taken for the guest … Continue Reading →

The Heart of Scotland

Leaving Edinburgh yesterday morning I decided to give Stirling Castle a miss and set off over the Forth Bridge and due North. Not only did this rapidly put a few … Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Rock

Edinburgh is not a city to understand in a flying visit, especially in high season when it is absolutely brimming with tourists and all manner of tartan-clad entertainers and souvenir … Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Grahame’s pictures of Orkney and Fair Isle

One of the most disappointing things for me about not making it to Scotland this year was not being able to see Skara Brae and the other neolithic sites of … Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Grahame’s pictures of the Hebrides

Grahame has been kind enough to give me this gallery of pictures to fill up the “Scotland gap”. I think it is extremely decent of him in view of my … Continue Reading →

A Strange Route to Scotland

Grahame has just phoned from the Isle of Mull; a quick call to say that it is raining heavily and a gale is expected so he won’t be sailing any … Continue Reading →

Westminster Abbey, a Sliver of Destiny

In 1296, Edward the 1st of England, also known as Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots, Pacifier of the Welsh, inventor of the dreaded yellow star and all round thoroughly bad egg, took … Continue Reading →