Buenos Aires (aka New South Wimbledon)

I should definitely award myself a high score on the travellometer for managing to cope with this city at the end of such a long and arduous voyage, especially since I have developed the inevitable Sea Spirit cold/chest infection and have been feeling far from well.

Despite wanting nothing more than to put my head under the immaculate bed covers in this singularly charmless hotel where Guy has place me for my last couple of days, I have been out and DONE the city. Well, I don’t think it will register very highly on my “must return” list but I probably knew that before I got here. It is extremely touristy; the main attractions seemingly being the eating of meat and the watching of tango. I can’t say that I find the prospect of entire animal cadavers spread eagled across a barbecue or over-made up women spread eagled across a dance floor particularly appealing but each to their own.

I successfully negotiated the city bus tour, took an excursion to the fascinating Tigre Delta, escaped from the Galleria Pacifica without spending a single peso and even made it to the delightful but out of the way Museum of Natural History for Lily’s dinosaur photographs.

And what about the name? Down South the Argentinians seem to be pursuing their claim to the Falkland Islands with renewed vigour. Port Stanley has been re-named on all the maps as Puerto Argentino so I decided that I might join in the game with a unilateral declaration that the “Queen of the River Plate” has just become a minor suburb of London.

(The photographs will have to wait)

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  • ET says:

    Do you ever rest?! ET

  • nicola ainsworth says:

    Hi Elisabeth, thanks for your concern.

    Actually, now I am home I am paying for my exertions with a chest infection that won’t go away. I think that it was the contrast between Antarctica (cold and dry) and BA (warm and wet) but whatever it was, it was a reminder to take more care of myself.

    I’ve been spending the last few weeks sorting out my house move (of which more later) and seeing lots of the grandchildren but of course I’m thinking ahead to Nepal/Tibet in June. I have a trusted family doctor who is working to get my breathing back to normal otherwise I can’t even contemplate a trip to that altitude!

    You must be thinking about setting off again soon?



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