Beating the Brexit Blues

So what could change my mind about travel so quickly? My niece, Isobel, expressed the desire to travel around Europe on the Interrail at about the time it looked as if Boris Johnson and his cronies were going to succeed in taking the UK out of the European Union on the 31st October (last week!) without any sort of agreement. This would effectively have made us Brits pariahs on the Continent and might well have rendered my established style of “country hopping on a budget” completely obsolete. However, once Izzy had said how much she wanted to do it and added that she was going to be between jobs and therefore had the time available; well, Aunty Nicola just had to do everything in her power to make it happen.

Not knowing even whether we would be citizens of the EU by the due departure date necessitated some critical path analysis: the cheapest flights had to be booked in case the political situation meant that the trip had to be abandoned, the Interrail tickets (the most expensive component) could not be booked until the very last minute and most of the itinerary would have to be decided on the hoof. Nonetheless, within half an hour of the announcement that the withdrawal deadline had been extended to the 31st January we were on our computers making the necessary bookings for the first few days of the trip and realised that we were actually on our way.

It will be twenty three days starting in Athens and finishing up in Krakov (hopefully bypassing Belgrade) and we have managed to secure a couple of invitations along the way. This is much to the relief of our families, who know that we will be able to wash and get hot food at least twice in our peregrinations. It will be a great relief for me to have a co-pilot to manage the “maps and apps” and help to ensure that my rapidly ageing brain doesn’t forget too many essential items between one stop and the next. Just the same, I did notice while getting ready that the gel insoles which I had bought for my new Timberlands bore the word “Boots” in prominent letters. It’s nice to know that I will get a reminder of what said items are intended for if my short term memory completely deserts me.

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