Barcelona, December 2006

Here are some lovely pictures of Barcelona in the winter sun. It was hard to photograph the Cathedral of the Holy Family without too much emphasis the cranes and scaffolding as work won’t be completed until at least 2025. It would be great to return when it is finished but I fear that it is one of those world famous buildings that will have visitors queuing around the block  365 days of the year.  As you can see, even the souvenir shop was gearing up for World Heritage status. Chris has been nagging me to post these photographs for a while so he will have to help with the captions.

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  • Chris says:

    Nice to see you enjoying your wine while a strange man is following me into the gents!

    • nicolaainsworth says:

      Chris was waylaid in the street outside the cafe by a man purporting to be helping him to get some weird goo off of his coat sleeve. The guy propelled him into a nearby public toilet and began washing down his jacket. Very strange until you find out that this is a common pickpocket technique in certain touristy cities these days but Chris was obviously far too careful with his wallet for this little game. We have survived the Paris Metro, after all.

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