Banishing Boris (home from America)

Since getting back from America a couple of weeks ago I’ve been extremely busy. Lily and Rosie had their first holiday with us in Worcestershire, the building work in Thanet needed to be inspected, my LANTRA falconry award was ready to be collected and, most unfortunately, I had to climb up onto the scales. Would you believe it! Only one and a half pounds off despite all those efforts. I was pretty disappointed until I realised that I had actually beaten┬áthe Boris challenge and would be able to remove his supercilious face and windblown wig from my website. Others have written better commentaries about the parlous state of American nutrition than I could and where I was able to eat fresh food it was delicious but, given what was available on my stops along the road, I’ve realised how much weight I could have gained. Roll on the next India trip.

The real life Boris has been continuing to disgrace himself since he has been made Foreign Secretary and the British economy is wobbling about in a midden of our own making. Most of the population seems unable to grasp the fact that we can’t actually remain in the EU Single Market while simultaneously regaining control of our borders; one commentator likened it to a group of five year olds demanding ice cream for every meal. The Third World War is well under way in the Middle East but 24 hour media coverage is numbing a lot of people to the atrocities while a growing section of British society seems more concerned over fate of the contestants on a TV baking competition. Roll on the next India trip.

Meanwhile the American election contest is plumbing ever greater depths as two of the least suitable people to run the largest military and economic power on the planet prepare for even greater and dirtier revelations. I sometimes think that the US vox pop has completely taken leave of its senses and is declaring itself solidly behind one or other of two individuals who might as well be competing for “person least likely to be trusted to put the kettle on”. Roll on the next India trip.

All the same, Boris’ photographs were just so entertaining that I couldn’t bring myself to discard them after taking them off the website. With my son’s support, I’ve at last managed to upload a gallery so that they can be preserved for posterity. Of course this means that I’ll have to consider going back to using picture galleries for the remainder of my posts but that is going to require both leisure and inspiration. Roll on the next India trip.

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