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Seven days in Tibet

Getting to Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash from Kathmandu requires a comprehensive equipment check, at least two days of arduous travel and a remote border crossing so we were expecting … Continue Reading →

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Lots more temples and a few elephants

I’d hoped to work on this post about some more of our Nepalese destinations while I am acclimatising in a remote place called Taklacot which is just over the border … Continue Reading →

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Annapurna blessing

One of the first thing to get one’s head around here is that, at over 80%, the population of Nepal is more Hindu than that of Hindustan (India). Moreover, the … Continue Reading →

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Safe Arrival in Kathmandu (Gods be Praised)

I had forgotten what my friend Chris had said about this being one of the most challenging airports in the world until a couple of seconds before we landed when … Continue Reading →

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August Holidays

The featured image is “Supergrandma” pumping up an inflatable ring on the beach at Torquay (note the holstered SPF). Photogallery to be uploaded soon

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Broadstairs Dickens Festival

working on picture gallery

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Into the Carpathian Mountains

We are back in Nyiregyhaza (Eastern Hungary) after our trip over the roof of Romania almost (but not quite) as far as Moldova. It has been wonderful to have Grahame … Continue Reading →