Brexit and the Death of Reason

They call it “Optimism Bias” or, more technically, “Unrealistic Cognitive Bias” and it is the tendency for human beings to believe in a positive outcome for themselves and their relatives … Continue Reading →

Travel to Europe in the (not so) Festive Season

Life has been pretty depressing in the UK since we got back from India: Theresa May clings to a the precarious leadership of a fragmented ruling party while the country … Continue Reading →

The Hospitality of Kalaktang

Don’t bother trying to find this place, it is not on many maps

The Hidden Valley of Menchuckha

Another difficult road journey took us past more of the deep cut river valleys and spectacular waterfalls of West Siang. So lush is the vegetation, it is difficult at times … Continue Reading →

Arunachal Pradesh – The Wild East

After leaving eastern Nagaland we set out to cross into Arunachal Pradesh for the next phase of our journey. The mountainous regions that enclose the upper Brahmaputra valleys are remote … Continue Reading →

The Headhunters of Nagaland II

It’s not something many travellers expect to be able to say but this next stage of our journey was my second visit to Nagaland. Our organisers at Jungle Travels had … Continue Reading →

Citizenship in Assam (and a sudden change of plan)

I caught my short, afternoon flight back to Guwahati to be met by my previous guide, Gopal (Baby Imram) with some good news and some bad news. The good news … Continue Reading →