Preparing to leave India

After a couple more train journeys with no more inconvenience than a few insect bites and the now sweltering heat of an overnight stop in Mumbai, I made it back … Continue Reading →

India in the 21st century (a personal view)

My adventures in India, although centred around my overriding interest in history and archaeology, are producing quite an insight into this fascinating but frustrating country. When I arrived in Jaipur … Continue Reading →

The Golden City at the end of the line

Here I am in the Golden City at last and all I can say is that it is just as well these places are colour coded or I might find … Continue Reading →

A welcome oasis in the Western Desert

Sometimes it’s necessary to make a change to the planned itinerary in order to take advantage of an invitation and so, when it turned out that the “Aunty” I thought … Continue Reading →

Delayed train to the Blue City

After getting to the station in plenty of time I was not best pleased to be waiting around for a couple of hours while the Marudhar Express from Varenasi to … Continue Reading →

The backside of the Taj Mahal

It’s probably best to draw a veil over the personal habits of the chap sitting next to me on the Taj Express to Agra but, suffice it to say, however … Continue Reading →

Treasury of Madhya Pradesh

There are certain adventures that are not to be had from any tourist brochure, however glossy and expensive, and the exquisite group of temples that adorn the countryside outside of … Continue Reading →

Gwalior, Prize of India

An early start yesterday got me across the state border into Madhya Pradesh for my trip to one of the most strategically important forts in India, the rocky outcrop that … Continue Reading →

Sacred Cities

Today I had a pre-booked excursion to Sufi shrine of Ajmer and the nearby holy city of Pushkar, both situated about two hours drive outside of Jaipur. An official visit … Continue Reading →

Palaces of Jaipur

Today I had a wonderful auto-rickshaw tour of Jaipur concentrating on some of those things that I missed last time around. Well, at least thought that I’d missed because I … Continue Reading →