Antarctic Itinerary

Here is a copy of the notes that I kept of our itinerary, little of which was decided in advance of the trip.  I was extremely lucky to have found myself on such an “expedition”, the purpose of which was clearly to see as much as possible by being flexible in the face of wind and weather. I was also spared most of the fancy “cruise” activities such as dressing for dinner or finding a suitable bridge partner.

In fact, two excursions a day plus safety briefings, plus lectures, plus de-briefs made for some pretty hard work at times. You can see from picture 182 that after two early morning whale watching calls I just stuffed my bacon inside a bagel and went back up on deck. I’m sure that the passengers from most Antarctica trips like to think of theirs as the best of the season but this one must have been just about unbeatable.

If there are errors in my listings or captions, I’m sure someone will pick them out soon enough. By the way: we reached 65 degrees o5 minutes South.

Day Date Location Disem-bark Sightings
1 15/01/14 Ushuaia & Boarding N Beagle Channel
2 16/01/14 Drake Passage N Wandering Albatross
3 17/01/14 Half Moon Island Y Humpback, Elephant,Chinstrap,Tern-on-nest
4 18/01/14 Hannah Point Y Elephant, chinstrap, Gentoo,Giant petrel, hair grass
4 18/01/14 Deception Island Y Skua, tern, volcanic activity,historic buildings
5 19/01/14 Cuverville Island Y Gentoo, zodiac cruise
5 19/01/14 Paradise Bay (M) Z Bergs, blue eye, azurite,(Argentines refused us landing)
6 20/01/14 Neko Harbour (M) Y Pink granite, baby gentoos,Weddel seal
6 20/01/14 Goudier Island Y Port Lockroy (UK), Post Office,snowy sheathbill
7 21/01/14 Pleneau I & Lemaire Z Bergs, Leopard, Crabeater,blue eyed shag, Emperor
7 21/01/14 Anvers Island Y Palmer Station (USA),krill-in-bucket
7 21/01/14 Torgersen Island Y Adelie, Skua, Elephant,hair grass
8 22/01/14 Ciervra Cove (M) Z Orca, humpback, minke,Primavera Base (Arg)
8 22/01/14 Mikkelsen Island Y Weddel, Gentoo, whale bones,storm petrel
8 22/01/14 Trinity Island Z The Spert rock formations, bergs,fur seal
9 23/01/14 Drake Passage N Cape petrel, giant petrel
10 24/01/14 Drake Passage N Respectable weather (15m swell)
11 25/01/14 Disembark Ushuaia Y Dry land

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