Another change of plan (not going to the NE after all)

Yesterday there was a serious landslide in Darjeeling with a number of roads washed away. Our local organisers made contact and advised us not to go to that region so we have had to spend an extra day sightseeing in Calcutta (of which more later) while frantic calls were made to arrange an alternative itinerary.

Tomorrow (Inshallah) we head South to Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, for a cultural tour of that little-visited state. Most visitors simply stop off at Konark for the World Heritage Sun Chariot but it seems we will also be visiting some of the most interesting tribal lands in India.

Thank you for taking care of us Ganesh, Indian god of travellers, and please extend your protection to the poor people of the beleaguered North East.

(to be concluded)

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