About the Photographs

I’ve been advised by my web support team (son and daughter) that there are far more photographs on this website than most people post on a travel blog. That is hardly likely to worry me. I can use the blog as a repository as well as a journal and, if I sometimes prefer to tell a story by means of a photo-essay, then that is how my personal style has evolved and I am not inclined to change it.

For ease of viewing I have arranged the pictures into galleries which can be quite rapidly viewed from left to right, line by line, like the printed word. There is no need to click on each one as they have floating captions which can be read just by passing the cursor over the top of them. The images in a few of the posts are numbered but not captioned; this is either because I had to complete the post in a hurry or (occasionally) because I think that they are good enough to merit some protection from a speculative search. Clicking on an individual photograph will show it up in more detail and also lead you into the option of viewing them as a slide show by means of the “next” or “previous” buttons.

{Temporary update June 2014: The unsolicited update of my website software by WordPress has  removed all the “floating” or “hovering” captions from the galleries. My stalwart son is working on a method of restoring them which does not involve re-uploading 19,000+ pictures.  To say that I am annoyed about this would be beyond understatement. Newer galleries will have captions and, with a great deal of care and not a little luck, I may be able to restore them to my earlier posts.}   

Nearly all of the photographs displayed are my own but occasionally I have to “borrow” from the internet or from a guide book. Sometimes photography is not allowed in a certain place or I am unable to obtain the particular shot that adequately illustrates my story. If I do this I try to specify by calling it a “reference picture” or something similar but occasionally I might use a map or aerial view which is obviously not my own. I try to keep to public websites for this purpose but, in the unlikely event that you think that I have used one of your images without appropriate permission, then just ask me and I will remove it.

Similarly, if you find yourself inadvertently appearing in one of my photographs and you would prefer not to be seen on this website then do just ask. I can crop you out or substitute one of the tens of thousands of other pictures that I have taken over my travels. However, I offer to do so simply a matter of courtesy because, as none of the photographs are used for profit, I do not have to seek prior permission from each person who appears in the pictures. While the debate over privacy continues to simmer there must be upwards of a trillion images on the World Wide Web by now and most of us are bound to be unwittingly featured in several of them.

As I frequently have to admit, I am a “snapper” and not a very good photographer but some of my pictures may be of particular interest to others by virtue of the unusual destinations that I have visited and written about over the years. I have chosen not to use privacy watermarks (some people would attempt to copyright the moon if they thought they could get away with it) but the images have been reduced from their original size. This means that I can prove ownership by producing the original if I ever need to but it also means that there may be a better picture available for anyone who makes a reasonable request. I will be pleased to help if I can.


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