BoJo does Europe

As we near the end of our trip, Boris has asked to have his adventures catalogued here for the edification of his many supporters and well-wishers back home. He has … Continue Reading →

A Choco-powered voyage across Europe

We are resting with family friends in Lublin, somewhere far out in the East of Poland. Tomorrow we head back to Krakov for our flight home on Wednesday. Here is … Continue Reading →


We had to rush Boris out of Berlin as he got involved with a crowd of football supporters and was soon to be seen waving scarves and beer bottles around … Continue Reading →

Leaving East Berlin

A touch of lastminute-ism meant that we didn’t have much choice of hostel in Berlin and ended up at “East-Seven” located, presumably, in the E7 district a few U-Bahn stops … Continue Reading →

Gemstones of the Rhineland

As a final parting insult the uniformed staff at Venice station refused all assistance when the 2106h was displayed as departing for Monaco. “Monaco, Munich, who cares?” said their hand … Continue Reading →

Piazza San Marco, where the lions weep

An extremely helpful young man in the Wien Hauptbahnhoff helped me to work out a series of onward connections that would get me to Idar-Oberstein, the little Bavarian gem-cutting town … Continue Reading →

Slovakia – The Lesser Carpathians

To tell this story properly, I really have to go back to the day before yesterday and my less-than-commodious night on Vienna Station. It wasn’t that bad. I got some … Continue Reading →

Viennese Whirl

Today I commuted into Vienna from my hostel in Bratislava and I must say that I found the Hauptbahnhof mainline station a lot more welcoming in the daylight. A coffee … Continue Reading →

Home Cooking in Hungary

We left Ljubliana on the 0858h fast train to Budapest where the plan was that Zoltan would be waiting for us. During the journey Isobel asked me if we could … Continue Reading →

Ljubljana in the rain

Our train journey from Zagreb to Ljubljiana followed the path of the Sava Valley with its fertile lakes and picturesque little towns (or at least what we could see of … Continue Reading →