Estonia, the Little Gem of the Baltic

It’s the last day of my European tour. I’m very tired and have fallen behind with sorting out my notes and photographs. This evening I can either get a few … Continue Reading →

Assignment in Poland

I had planned to travel due North from Nyiregyhaza through Slovakia and into Krakow during my penultimate day of “Interrailing” but the four rail connections involved looked far too tight … Continue Reading →

Home from Home in Hungary

I couldn’t get a reservation on the 0710h to Constanta (pronounced Constanza) but the friendly lady in the ticket office suggested I just got on the train and spoke nicely … Continue Reading →

Balkan Crossing to Bucharest

A local train at 1741h took me on the two hour journey from Venice to Trieste Central where I had to ask for help in finding the bus station, an … Continue Reading →

Venice Picture Gallery

Here is my picture gallery, souvenir of an unforgettable visit.

La Serenissima (Venice, why did I take so long to come back?)

Bona fide train lovers will know that, while Munich and Venice are both technically stops along the route of the Orient Express, they are located on alternative lines and rail … Continue Reading →

A tornado in Strasbourg and snow in Munich

Strasbourg may be the capital of the lower Rhine district of Alsace and have spent more time being German than it has French over the last four hundred years but … Continue Reading →

Norway Plus Plus

Pushing on North to Hamburg I spent a most enjoyable train ride in the company of a couple of German businessmen who were determined to make me see the opportunities … Continue Reading →

Get me to Germany as soon as Possible

Yesterday morning’s high speed train soon left Iberia behind for the remainder of this trip (sorry Portugal) and crossed into France, however, once we reached Perpignan it developed a fault … Continue Reading →

Catalonia – many returns

The evening train deposited me at Barcelona Sant at 2120h so I thought that, with my newfound confidence in the Google locator app, I’d be able to find my way … Continue Reading →