Soweto Story

On our way home from the Botswana tour we extended our Johannesburg transfer by a couple of days in order to see something of a city that neither of us … Continue Reading →

Victoria falls (Africa Lite)

Crossing from Botswana into Zimbabwe for the conclusion of our trip at Victoria Falls it was immediately apparent that we were moving into Africaland – the holiday experience of a … Continue Reading →

Crossing the Zambezi

The final leg of our Botswana trip involved two long, dusty days of travel to the Chobe National Park, enlivened only by the aforementioned elephant nursery and the regular re-fuelling … Continue Reading →

T.I.A. (this is Africa)

So stop complaining and suck it up! By this they mean the heat, the glare, the dust, the bad roads and the breakdowns; the power cuts, water shortages, biting insects, … Continue Reading →

Welcome to Botswana – you can drink the water

But the internet coverage is still very poor. I’m sorry for building up expectations but I’ll not be able to post very much for the next few days. We have … Continue Reading →

Namibia – land of amethysts

All I knew about this country until yesterday consisted of the recent availability of good quality gemstones and a few vague memories of a reputation for human rights abuse during … Continue Reading →