Catal Huyuk, the Birthplace of Civilisation

On our way back to Anada we took a little detour while crossing the central plateau of Anatolya; a fairly thinly populated and geographically featureless region known as the “breadbasket … Continue Reading →

Konya, City of Peace in a World on the Edge of War

I’m really not sure how this city managed to make such a deep impression on me when I first visited in 2007 for we arrived barely in time to hurry … Continue Reading →

A Traditional Turkish Wedding

Post in preparation

Heaven and Hell in Eastern Anatolia

Grahame said that I should not entitle this piece “The Armpit of Turkey” even though graphically, if not metaphorically, that is actually where we are. The East-West Mediterranean coastline of … Continue Reading →

Shenyang, North Eastern Capital of the Manchu dynasty.

One of the stipulations that I made for agreeing to join Elisabeth on a trip to the DPRK was the opportunity to see something of Manchuria, the old feudal region … Continue Reading →

Chinese Cookery Class

For our second day in Dandong Elisabeth and I gave a less than enthusiastic response to the suggestion that we might like to visit a power plant and instead pressed … Continue Reading →

Tiger Mountain, the Eastern terminus of the Great Wall

Today the four of us took a trip a few miles outside the city to Hushan (Tiger Mountain) where our climb up onto the restored Eastern end of the Great … Continue Reading →

Why would anyone want to go to the DPRK (North Korea)?

My report is now added below. The personal answer to that question has had to wait for a few weeks because, out of consideration for the safety of our tour … Continue Reading →

In Far Cathay

Tomorrow we set off for a “trip within a trip” to the not so frequently visited North East of China and so the last couple of days in Beijing have … Continue Reading →