03 Stone Bay

Beautiful Broadstairs

In spite of all the frantic preparations for my impending house move we have managed to squeeze in a couple of days Easter break in Thanet. I even allowed myself … Continue Reading →

01 Announcement in local paper

The King in the Car Park

Perhaps better described as “the burial place of our most married English Queen”: Sudeley Castle not only has the distinction of having been owned by Richard III not once but … Continue Reading →

12 On the cathedral steps

St Albans Cathedral

Here, at last, is a gallery of gorgeous pictures from a long promised return to St Alban’s cathedral. Although I’ve visited a number of times before it is situated on … Continue Reading →

05 View of the house

Madresfield Court, the inspiration for Brideshead Revisited

Today we visited Madresfield Court. This was by appointment of course because, never having been bought or sold during the whole of its nine hundred year history, this Worcestershire manor … Continue Reading →

025 Jack looking for a treat

Warwickshire falconry

Here is lovely set of pictures from our outing with Bob Edwards, the Warwickshire falconer. We flew the falcons in an open field on a local farm (with permission, of … Continue Reading →