013 Sandys trip 2007

Salisbury Cathedral (via Stonehenge)

This post is my attempt to draw together the experiences of five visits to Salisbury Cathedral (with a couple of rather chilly stops at that bleak stone circle in the … Continue Reading →

62 Zoltans picture

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester cathedral was founded in the year 642 on a site which had already been occupied since before the time of the Roman conquest. Its importance was cemented during the … Continue Reading →

008 Lympne c1990

The Saxon Shore Forts (Part 3)

Rather than wait until I have the opportunity to get around the South Coast to re-visit the remaining three Forts which are, after all, each situated in different counties and … Continue Reading →

027 Visiting Richborough without the Power Station

The Saxon Shore Forts (Part 2)

Well, this time I really did intend to write a scholarly piece about the Roman garrisoning of the South East Coast, especially as the next set of three forts includes … Continue Reading →

01 Comes litoris Saxonici per Britanniam

The Saxon Shore Forts (Part 1)

Ever since my father took us as small children to find the crumbling remains of a Roman Fort at Lympne on the edge of the Romney Marshes I’ve been dimly … Continue Reading →

05 South West view (G)

Norwich Cathedral

The Great Cathedral of Norwich has always impressed me with an air of serenity which belies its turbulent history. An extremely well maintained and managed institution (with a voluntary contribution … Continue Reading →