St Paul’s Cathedral

Last week I took Lilah and Lily to St Paul’s cathedral for a special outing as I had a dim and distant recollection of first visiting it myself while still … Continue Reading →

Return from Afghanistan

Arriving back in Kabul, our final three days had been set aside for visits to Mes Aynak, the newly excavated Buddhist/Kushan city close to the Capital, and the much damaged … Continue Reading →

The Salang Pass

I seem to have selected rather too many pictures to tell the story of our journey from Mazar-e Sharif over the Russian-built Salang Pass and back into Kabul but they … Continue Reading →

Mazar-e Sahrif, City of Friendly Faces

After a brief stop-over back in Kabul where we made our first abortive attempt to visit the Buddhist Stupa of Guldara, we took an early flight to the Northern city … Continue Reading →

Herat: People

Here is my gallery of some of the most welcoming people to be met in Afghanistan. Well, so it seemed to me anyway. The city of Herat has a somewhat … Continue Reading →

Herat: Monuments and Markets

After our four days on the road I’m sure that any town would have seemed luxurious but Herat really is a treasure chest. Its long history is said to go … Continue Reading →

The Minaret of Jam

One of the most celebrated of seasoned travellers’ destinations, the remote¬†twelfth¬†century Minaret of Jam has actually been visited by very few people since the fall of the Ghorid Empire following … Continue Reading →

Nomads of the Hindu Kush

We spent three nights in the modest but comfortable Bamiyan Guest House before setting off early for the important four day overland segment of this trip, following some of the … Continue Reading →

The Bamiyan Valley

After a day and a half we set off in a four wheel drive mini-bus up from Kabul, over the Shibar Pass and into the Bamiyam Valley. I’d always understood … Continue Reading →

Moving on with Bucephalus Travel

After being left to our own devices for an afternoon while our tour leader went off to make last minute preparations, we have now got under way on our travels … Continue Reading →