Kashgar, the Centre of a Continent, 2009

This is the furthest place from the ocean on this or any continent, fabled mingling place at the heart of the ancient caravan routes and stopping place on quite a … Continue Reading →

Hotan, ancient source of China’s jade (2009)

Not many people who visit this part of the world get to actually cross the desert and see ancient oasis towns on both the Northern and the Southern routes but … Continue Reading →

Lost Cities of the Taklamakan, 2009

From Turpan we set off West in a little mini bus, following the ancient route which skirts the Taklamakan to the North under the shadow of the Eren Habirga Shan … Continue Reading →

Turpan, ancient oasis of the Silk Road, 2009

At the half time point in the Silk Road tour we flew from from Dunhuang to Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Province and recent scene of a considerable amount of anti-government … Continue Reading →

Nausicaa, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

We interrupt this transmission ………………… half way through my Chinese odyssey I must break off to post a few pictures of yesterday’s little trip across the Channel to visit Nausicaa, the French National Aquarium, … Continue Reading →

Xiahe (Little Tibet), 2009

I don’t suppose that I really understood how I could be visiting Tibet on this particular itinerary until I actually got there. Xiahe is a county in the Gannan Tibetan … Continue Reading →

Gansu Province (the Gobi Desert) 2009

Gansu province is a long narrow stretch of North West China which lies between the Tibetan plateau to the South and the grasslands of Inner Mongolia to the North. Much … Continue Reading →

Xian, start of the Silk Road, 2009

After Beijing (and long before reaching the Western extreme of the Great Wall) we set off for Xian, the great trade centre and long time capital of China. This is … Continue Reading →

The Great Wall of China

It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I set off from Beijing for our obligatory visit to the Great Wall during my CTS tour of China in 2009. … Continue Reading →

Beijing 2009

Emboldened by my brief introductory visit of the previous year, I signed up for the China Travel Service month long Silk Road Tour. The £3,500 ($5,000) price tag seemed high … Continue Reading →