Europe 2012 or “why did I do it?”

There is a great deal to be done now that I’ve returned but I think that a trip involving sixteen countries, eight of which I’ve never visited before, and more … Continue Reading →

I’ve always wanted to visit Portugal

Although extremely comfortable in my little room, I woke on my second day in Lisbon to find myself so tired I could hardly face getting out of bed. Hardly surprising, … Continue Reading →

Lisbon at last

Three trains were needed to get me from Santiago to Lisbon on Sunday (my last Interrail day) but the last one left Oporto after midnight. At the ticket office where … Continue Reading →

Camino Santo (Spain)

I reached Santiago de Compostela shortly after 7am following another overnight train journey; tired dirty and hungry. Come to think of it, isn’t that how pilgrims have been arriving here … Continue Reading →

A touch of SNCF

Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer (or National Society of Iron Roads) is the romantic name for the French railway system but back in the day we experienced rail travellers … Continue Reading →

What am I doing in Switzerland?

The supplements for using the fast trains up through the spine of Italy were much more modest than the Italian boys had led me to believe (10 Euros for each … Continue Reading →


It would take too long to explain why I’ve never visited Pompeii before and, anyway, it would just be a load of old excuses because, for someone with my Italian … Continue Reading →

Naples pays her debts

The last time I came to Naples was on my previous Interrail trip, in other words, nearly thirty nine years ago. I remember that visit being a bit of a … Continue Reading →

Crossing the Peloponnese

┬áIt was just as well I had 1600h incorrectly fixed in my mind as my sailing time to Italy because it turned out that the bus to the port of … Continue Reading →


The first hint that something might have gone awry was when the attendant on my flight to Athens began handing out candles to the passengers. She explained that it was … Continue Reading →