What am I doing in Estonia?

It was Guy at the Travel Agent’s idea. Flying from Helsinki to Warsaw would have involved giving British Airways a lot of money, something I am loath to do since … Continue Reading →

The White City of the North (Helsinki)

This morning I left the Bore early and made my way to the local station to find a train to Helsinki ready and waiting. It was a Pendolino too. And … Continue Reading →

At the back of the North Wind

My journey back down South wasn’t too difficult but for the complication of not having a place to stay upon my arrival and a heavy chest cold/flu that I had … Continue Reading →

The Gulf of Bothnia (Arctic Finland)

The Island of Hailuoto lies about 10k off the Finnish mainland in the Northern reaches of the Gulf of Bothnia. That puts it at 65 degrees north or not quite … Continue Reading →

Arctic Crossing (Northern Sweden to Northern Finland)

It all seemed so straightforward when I planned it at my desk back home. The nice lady on the Swedish Railways helpline said: “yes, you can travel from Kiruna to … Continue Reading →

Kiruna (Arctic Sweden)

Kiruna is considerably North of the Arctic Circle and subject to climatic influences from the East, in other words, likely to be much colder than any place I had visited … Continue Reading →

The Polar Express

Snow and trees, trees and snow, snow, snow, trees and more snow. it’s just as well that I chose to stop off and wander around the ravishingly beautiful University city … Continue Reading →

The Venice of the North

That name has been given to a number of different cities over the years but at least the last couple of days have given me the opportunity to see why … Continue Reading →

What am I doing in Stockholm?

(It is up to you to choose where to place the emphasis in the title of this piece – any rendering is equally appropriate). After an almost sleepless night and … Continue Reading →

Interrail Europe

Interrail was the name given to a scheme introduced in 1972 to allow inexpensive rail travel across twenty one countries of Western Europe for people under the age of 21. … Continue Reading →