15 picture for my grandson, Ted

Back to ‘bad (Ahmedabad)

My journey on to the next destination began with an early morning flight back to Mumbai: alone, since my companions were taking the car back to Pune seperately. Here, I … Continue Reading →

19 Tibetan visitor


On our second day in Aurangabad we set off for the 105k drive to the remote site of Ajanta and a sneaky little rebellious thought crept up to ask how … Continue Reading →

31 warrior, Jain cave


On Wednesday morning we set off very early for the Deccan city of Aurangabad with a brief stop at the Ashta Vinayak Temple which was obviously gearing up for a … Continue Reading →

08 keen photgrapher

City of Good Deeds

This is a loose translation of the name Punya Nagari, subsequently named Poona by the British and nowadays known as Pune. Here we are relaxing at Sunil’s home and preparing … Continue Reading →

6 birthday girl Sandhya

Return to India

After a not unduly difficult journey I have arrived in India and am  now staying with friends in Pune, a fascinating old/new town up on the Deccan Plateau about 180k south east … Continue Reading →


London in Half an Hour (Westminster Cathedral)

Words cannot do justice to the scorn which I feel towards the London Eye, that hideous monstrosity on the South Bank which never fails to call to mind the grandiose … Continue Reading →

120 Horseguards

London in Half a Day (Winter)

Here is another set of “elevenses”. This time from a Westbound Winter trip which finished up with a not unacceptable pub lunch at the Chelsea Potter. Considering the fact that … Continue Reading →

000016 Sir Winston in Parliament Square

London in Half a Day (Summer)

Now for the sightseeing advice. Take the Eleven. It really is that simple, all you need to do is pick up this workaday London bus at one end of its … Continue Reading →


Westminster Abbey, a Sliver of Destiny

In 1296, Edward the 1st of England, also known as Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots, Pacifier of the Welsh, inventor of the dreaded yellow star and all round thoroughly bad egg, took … Continue Reading →

18 QEQM at St Martins

London, the Roots of Service

I have borrowed from a little book on the history of Charing Cross Hospital for the title of this post. We had a copy in the Inspector’s Office at Charing … Continue Reading →