Laos, February 2009

Yes, the introductory picture is indeed a festive tree adorned with pieces of military hardware and shrapnel. For Laos still holds the unenviable record of being the most bombed country … Continue Reading →

A Texan Christmas Greeting

This year I was very disappointed not to be able to make it out to see my Texan friends for the combined Thanksgiving, Birthday and Christmas visit that is becoming … Continue Reading →

New Mexico, December 2008

Of the twenty one World Heritage sites in the United States only four are pre-Hispanic human habitations and of these four Chaco Canyon is probably the finest. Late in 2008 … Continue Reading →

Sao Paulo, May 2008

I returned to Sao Paulo to retrieve my suitcase from Vivianne’s sister, Alexa and to explore the city for a couple of days before setting off for home. We also … Continue Reading →

Rio de Janeiro, May 2008

If it is possible to have a perfect day while travelling then this has to have been the one. I had no choice but to listen to my friends’ concerns … Continue Reading →

Belo Horizonte, May 2008

The name means “beautiful horizon” in Portuguese and should under no circumstances be confused with the French “Grandes horizontales” which has an altogether more louch interpretation. I stayed with my … Continue Reading →

Tiradentes, National Hero of Brazil

In late April of 2008 I flew into Sao Paulo to be told that if I could be ready to depart within the next few hours I would have the … Continue Reading →

Merrie England (Rochester, Kent)

Here are some pictures taken from my various visits to Rochester over the last few years. No, I was not there in the Middle Ages but I’ve included a few … Continue Reading →