The Defence of the Realm (Dover Castle)

Dover Castle is one of my favourite destinations for taking visitors to see England at its most English while rescuing them from the worst of the tourist traps that deface … Continue Reading →

Planet Thanet (North East Kent)

The Small Green Island at the End of the World holds a special place in the history of England although there are some who might argue that its glory days … Continue Reading →

Iceland, January 2009

The arrival of my parcel from Iceland containing a set of Yule Lads has set me up for the festive season and called to mind a little excursion that Chris … Continue Reading →

Hong Kong and Macau, August 2008

Here are the remainder of the Hong Kong pictures. Yingwah’s family made helpful arrangements so that we could visit some of the more unusual places in the New Territories, one … Continue Reading →

Guilin, China, 2008

This little trip-within-a-trip was an excursion that Kundan and I made with Yingwah from Hong Kong to Guilin in Guangxi Province, an hour’s flight to the north west. At four … Continue Reading →

Hong Kong City, August 2008

Here are some wonderful pictures of Hong Kong taken during a two week trip that Kundan and I made a few years back. Now, for most people who don’t live … Continue Reading →

Kermet, the Black Land (Ancient Egypt)

If I felt sorry for myself at having a less than perfect trip to Egypt last year then I should spare a thought for previous generations of the family: travelling … Continue Reading →

A Street named Hope (Liverpool, October 2011)

Last week I took my mother to the Wirral for a few days because she had never visited this part of the world and had long been intrigued by its … Continue Reading →