Into the Mountains

Today I made an excursion into the foothills of the Himalayas of “Himaarlia” as the old In-jah hands like to refer to them. At about two thousand meters (I only know that … Continue Reading →

Haridwar, the Holy City

It hardly seems believable that I have made it to this wonderful sacred place after all. The railway journey was pretty much everything you have ever heard about Indian rail … Continue Reading →

Safe arrival in Ahmedabad

Very early yesterday morning I landed in Gugarat’s first city of Ahmedabad to find that the dilapidated tin shed of my last visit had been replaced by a spanking modern airport indistinguishable from the … Continue Reading →

My big fat Indian headache (London)

Yesterday when I went to visit the doctor for my travel prescriptions and immediately growled “don’t take my blood pressure, whatever you do” I knew that my pre-travel stress levels … Continue Reading →

Thoughts of Africa (Kent)

Tucked away behind the deeply unfashionable Kent seaside resort of Birchington lies one of the most unusual monuments to English eccentricity yet to be identified: the Powell Cotton Museum. Major … Continue Reading →

American Road Trip (part 2)

It was all Sandy’s idea. She was the one who had blythly announced that we were going to take a mule ride down into the Grand Canyon, something she had … Continue Reading →