A friend in need in the City of Kali

My view of this city was transformed on the morning after my Sunderbans trip when Kundan’s friend’s sister telephoned my hotel and announced that she would come over to fetch … Continue Reading →

Stepping off the edge of the World

Kolcatta is not an easy city to see alone, especially at this time of year when the heat and humidity are so intense. My hotel is not as bad a … Continue Reading →

The Dark Heart of Ahmedabad

Before setting off for Kolcott (Calcutta) and a brief visit to the East, I was determined to see some of the historic sights of Ahmedabad, capital of the Western state … Continue Reading →

Delhi interlude

I took advantage of a four hour stop over in Delhi to have a sightseeing tour that took in some of the buildings and monuments that I had missed on … Continue Reading →

The Golden Temple

My Sikh friends back home advised me to leave the Golden Temple until the very end of my itinerary but since that was not going to be possible I did … Continue Reading →


Today I had a full Amritsar tour with the taxi driver who met me from the train yesterday and I’m very pleased that I chose this option because this really … Continue Reading →

The Gates of God

That is the literal meaning of the name Haridwar, the place which marks the spot where the River Ganges transforms from a series of rapids into the stately and bountiful … Continue Reading →

Jordan 2010

Crossing from the Sinai desert into Jordan, I had very few expectations of the land which I’d always rather thought of as Middle East Lite; indeed the two liquor stores, … Continue Reading →

Egypt and Libya 2010

So much has happened since the beginning of 2011 that it is difficult to believe I was sightseeing in both these countries less than a year ago. I think that … Continue Reading →

Two very different types of Yogi

Yesterday involved a very early start for a very special visit. Ever since before my arrival in Haridwar I had been hearing “not possible, see elephant, not possible” with the … Continue Reading →